The State Members of Queensland Labour Party.

Current State Members

Some of the current State Members include the following individuals in no particular order of rank.

Aaron Harper

Aaron Harper was born in New Zealand but was raised in North Queensland. He had his complete education there as well and went on to acquire an advanced diploma in Intensive Care Paramedicine. Aaron has served as a very active member of Queensland Labour and has many achievements in his name.

He contested for a position as a member of the Queensland Parliament and was appointed in the Parliamentary Committee for Health and Ambulance Services. He later went on to become the Chair of the Committee in 2018.

Ali King

Ali King is a passionate mother of two. She is invested in ensuring that the people who might seem insignificant and invisible to the government have everything they need to have a good life. She is a member of the Labour Party for Pumicestone.

She is an active volunteer, and she does her best to influence her community however she can. She is a constant advocate for access to excellent healthcare services, education, and some of the basic infrastructures every society needs. She has also been involved in fights against domestic violence. She lives in Bellara with her two children.

Bart Mellish

Bart Mellish is a member of the labour party for Aspley and has been since 2017. He is a dedicated and active member and has dedicated his time and resources to policies and projects designed to make the living situations of everyone in his community better. Bart Mellish is indeed a man of integrity. He continues to hold an impressive record for all the services he has rendered to the people.

Barry O’Roukre

Barry O’Rouke is the electorate for Rockhampton. He has served the Labour Party, and the people, for more than twenty-five years. Despite his long years of service, his dedication has not waned. Barry is so passionate about better working conditions because he has the first-hand experience of what terrible working and remuneration conditions can cause.

He is a product of a large family with twelve siblings. Barry witnessed the kind of pressure his parents had to go through in struggling to take care of him and his siblings. That is why he has vowed to try his best to improve Australian workers’ working and living conditions.

He is highly invested in providing more jobs for people or coming up with suggestions that would lead to the provision of more jobs. So far, he is making some notable progress.

Bruce Saunders

Bruce Saunders is the Labour Party electorate for Maryborough. His interests majorly in the provision of quality education and healthcare services. He believes everyone should have access to quality healthcare facilities irrespective of their finances. He also believes that sound educational systems should be made available to everyone.