The policy platform contains the policies of Queensland Labour.

Longstanding Labour Values

Since the formation of Queensland Labour, the Party has held on to its core values and beliefs, and this has also served as a motivating factor for the consistent struggle for betterment. Some of these values include the following.

Dignity of Labour

Being a labour party, one can only expect that Queensland Labour would fully invest in the dignity of labour. And it is. Queensland Labour believes in the dignity of labour. Each of its members has the right to work favourable conditions while receiving equally good pay commensurate with the work delivered.

The labourers also have families that need to support and take care of, and the purpose is defeated when the payment is peanuts. It gets worse when the working conditions are unsafe, and every worker is highly prone to accidents.

Queensland has vowed to continue the battle for safer working conditions for every one of its members. The struggle is far from over, but Queensland Labour will win it!


There is a policy of non-discrimination among members of the Queensland Labour Party. The members see themselves as one with a unique goal. There is no discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and level of education. The members see themselves as one, and this makes the Party as strong and undivided as ever.


Queensland Labour believes in fairness and the equal rights of everyone in the society. It is thought that the government should give no class or group of people better opportunities than others. The party respects and values a government that makes constant efforts to make the lives of every citizen better, not just the elite few.

Societal Development

Queensland foresees a society where everyone would look out for the best interests of others. Beyond building the economy, the Party believes that a strong community makes it possible for a buoyant economy to emerge because everyone would do their part if there is a sense of togetherness.

Strengthening the Economy

Beyond the struggle for the betterment of the conditions of Queensland Labour members, the Party also believes in working to strengthen the economy. Everyone needs to work together to make this a reality. From government policies regarding taxation, revenue generation, and distribution, down to the most minute tasks of workers in Queensland, everyone has a part to play.

Investing in Queensland Members

Queensland Labour is interested in the struggle for better working and living conditions for its members. However, the Party is also interested in making their lives better by introducing them to lifelong survival skills, so the Party preaches education at an early stage. In addition, the Party educates parents on why they need and encourages them to send their children to school from an early age. That is also one reason the Party struggles to make education better and more accessible for those without a voice.