The party rules of Queensland Labour.

The party rules are the rules that guide admitting new members, running Queensland Labour, the objectives and principles of action of the Party, the officials, finances, and many more factors of note.


The introduction contains information about the Party. For instance, the name of the Party is Australian Labour Party, but for Queensland. It is a member of the National Australian Labour Party. The introductory section also contains the origin and principles of action of the Queensland Labour Party.

Origin, Objectives, and Principles of Action

Queensland Labour aims to achieve equality in all spheres of life and on all levels too. For instance, the Party believes that for political and social equality to be achieved, the government has to make some reforms that would not exclude anyone from participating in or having the least involvement in the decision-making process. The way to go about this is to redistribute political and economic power.

Another way to achieve this is by the government assuming control of natural resources in Australia. When this is done, the government can then redistribute these resources to benefit all Australians.

Protection of Small Businesses

The government should endeavour to protect small and non-monopolistic businesses. It is a sure-fire way for small businesses to grow. Presently, it seems impossible because large corporations always seem to trample small businesses. Queensland Labour believes that the government can and should make policies that would protect the interests of small businesses.

Due Recognition

Queensland Australia would also like to have the government give official recognition to the right of labour parties to continue to fight for the interest of their members. It is a fundamental right, and no government can take that right away.

Amazing Employment Opportunities

One of the objectives of Queensland Labour is the maintenance and restoration of employment opportunities. So far, the Party on its own, and with the use of its influence, has been able to create more than 60,000 jobs.

However, it is confident that with the government’s help, the government can create many more jobs through favourable policies and funding. Beyond being invested in creating jobs, the Party believes that these jobs should have excellent working conditions and remunerations attached to them.

Social Justice

There should be social justice for all. The Party believes that the government can make this a reality by eradicating policies and laws aimed to bring about social injustice to the labourers of Queensland indirectly.


Membership concerns branches that wish to align with Queensland Labour Party. It is at the discretion of the administrative committee to admit any trade union that is willing to align with the Party. When trade unions are admitted, they are made to swear an oath. They are also subjected to an independent audit. They are also required to pay admission fees to Queensland Labour.