The Local Councillors for the Labour Party.

The fight for excellent working, living, and remuneration conditions for the members of the Australian Labour Party is a fight that requires all hands on deck. It also requires many people; no one is insignificant in the battle, which is why there are so many levels and areas of service. However, when all these sectors come together, they become compelling, and with time, the government will meet their requirements.

The Local Councillors have been quite actively fighting for equality and fairness for all labourers in Queensland. They are vocal and able to make their points known. It also helps that they are relentless and unfazed even when things seem dreary. These Local Councillors include the following people.

Cr Charles Skunk

Charles Skunk is the Local Councillor for Forest Lake Ward. He was elected in 2016 and has served excellently since then. He is an advocate for equal treatment and access to opportunities for the people while also highly invested in the growth and development of the people in his community. He is also an active volunteer in his community.

Charles Skunk is a member of the Finance Services Committee. He is also the current Opposition Spokesperson on Council’s Field Services Committee.

Cr Jared Cassidy

Councillor Jared Cassidy is the Labour Party electorate for Deagon Ward. He is a passionate advocate for the fundamental rights of the people of Deagon Ward. Jared is an active member of the Labour Party, who also takes active steps to fight for workers’ rights in Deagon.

He opines that the workers are merely paying higher rates for services while getting next to nothing in return. Jared believes that the workers are not getting the value for their money and consciously tries to find solutions to that. He is a representative of the people indeed.

He is not only invested in the growth and development of workers in Deagon, but he is also interested in building his community. His interest reflects in the work he has done for both the private and public sectors.

Cr Kara Cook

Kara Cook is the Labour Party electorate for Morningside, where she and her husband and children have lived for several years. She is a very opinionated woman who does not back down easily. Kara is also quite interested in reducing the occurrence of domestic violence drastically in her community. She established Australia’s first law firm geared explicitly towards dealing with cases relating to domestic violence.

Kara is inclined towards speaking up on matters relating to traffic and infrastructural development. She believes that every community should have access to excellent infrastructure services.

Cr Peter Cumming

Peter Cumming has served the people of Wynnum Manly Ward since 1994. He is also an active member whose contributions have had an impact on his community.

Cr Steven Griffiths

Steven Griffiths is a two-time Local Councillor for Moorooka Ward. He has been actively serving the interests of the people since 2003. He is particular about community development, special education, and mental health.