The Labour Senators for the Labour Party.

This section provides information about the Labour Senators for the Labour Party. They are all active members who had not failed to deliver on the promises they made to the people before they were elected. Therefore, a lot of people would say they are deserving of their positions. The Labour Senators include the following people in no particular ranking system.

Anthony Chisholm

Anthony Chisholm is a very active member of the senate. He was elected in 2016 and had since then served in a capacity that aims to extend equality and fairness to everyone, regardless of their social, political, and economic status. He is a fair man, well principled and disciplined. He is dedicated to helping those around him in every way he can.

He is invested in the healthcare sector. Anthony Chisholm believes that everyone deserves access to excellent healthcare facilities. He believes that the government should do away with all mediocre healthcare services instead of reserving them for the poor. Every government has to provide the citizens with access to excellent healthcare facilities and services. It remains the core belief of Anthony Chisholm.

Education is not also left out. Anthony is passionate about everyone getting an education. He makes efforts to influence policies regarding education and bring about reforms where possible.

He was once the state secretary for Queensland Labour, and he served excellently in that capacity.

Nita Green

Nita Green is an embodiment of integrity and great values. She has served as an advocate for the people for a long time, albeit not professionally. She believes that everyone deserves access to education and quality healthcare services. Nita has spent the majority of her professional life fighting for equality, fairness, and social justice.

She became a solicitor in 2015, and her cases primarily reflected her values. She served as an employment lawyer in a prestigious law firm and mostly took on cases relating to gender discrimination and unlawful dismissals.

She has great disdain for all forms of discrimination, especially gender-related ones.

Murray Watt

Murray Watt currently serves as Labour Party’s Shadow Minister for the Northern Australian division. He is also the Shadow Minister for Natural Disasters and Emergency Management. Murray is a man of integrity who spent his professional life serving the people in many capacities. He was an active lawyer for twenty years before he eventually retired and went into politics. He was elected as a senator in 2016 and has served the interest of the people since then.

He is especially interested in education, healthcare, and legal policy. His avid interest in these sectors has been reflected in his professional history. For example, he has worked with several committees whose focus was on the quality of healthcare services and unlimited access to education by everyone.  He is married with two children.