The Federal Members of the Labour Party.

Some of the active Federal Members of the labour party include the following people in no particular order of rank. They have served the Party actively, constantly bringing fresh and innovative ideas to make the party objectives more effective.

Anika Wells

Anika Wells is a firm believer in fairness and equality. She believes that everyone should have access to equal opportunities, irrespective of their background. Anika is an active advocate who serves in Lilley. She has been an active and avid volunteer in public service since she was a young adult; she became dedicated to helping people at such an early stage.

Anika later became a lawyer whose desire for equality and social justice reflects the type of cases brought to her. For example, she defends people who have been injured at work due to bad working conditions and represents people whose insurance companies have been reputed to rip off their clients.

Anika Wells also volunteers at a community legal clinic. She lives with her husband and two children.

Jim Chalmers

Jim Chalmers is from Southern Brisbane, and that is where he actively represents. He is invested in giving back to the community where he was raised by actively serving as a representative for the people. He is an active advocate for the peripheral, and he has served on the Party and the people on so many levels. He is the current Shadow Treasurer for the Australian Labour Party.

Milton Dick

Milton Dick is the Brisbane City Councillor for the Richlands Ward and has been actively serving in this capacity for eight years. He prides himself on being an advocate for the people and their voice when they are voiceless. He is mainly invested in the healthcare sector.

Milton Dick believes that everyone should have equal and unlimited access to quality healthcare and education services irrespective of their financial and social statuses. He is an electorate of Oxley.

Shayne Neumann

Shayne Neumann is the current Shadow Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. He has served as a member at the Federal level on many occasions. Shayne has had the opportunity to help people on various levels and capacities. He is an upright man whose loyalty lies with the interest of the people.

Terri Butler

Terri Butler is an electorate of Griffith. She is a woman with undying interests in the rights of the people who also happens to be an active advocate and volunteer. Terri believes everyone has the right to enjoy equal opportunities, which any factor should not limit. She has served as an electorate of Griffith for many years. Terri lives with her husband and two children.

Graham Perrett

Graham Perrett is another active advocate of equality and fairness. He is the Federal Member for Moreton. Graham worked with the Queensland Independent Education Union and later became a Senior Policy Advisor with the Queensland Resources Council. He is a two-time member of the House of Representatives in Moreton. He has a wife and two children.