The Federal Candidates

This section contains current information about the Federal Candidates of the Australian Labour Party.

All hands are needed on deck to bring about the change the Australian Labour Party was established for. So far, everyone who has served in any capacity in the Labour Party has been able to effect a change, no matter how minute. Some of the achievements of the Labour Party include but are not limited to the following.


After many years of constant struggle, the Labour Party has finally been able to secure superannuation for workers in Australia. Now that there is a pension plan for retirees working hard all day doesn’t seem so bad. Australian workers now have a source of income they can rely on when they retire.

Minimum Wage

After constant negotiations, the Labour Party and the government of Australia have settled on a fair minimum wage for all Australians. The current minimum wage is now $19.49 per hour. It is fair enough, and workers can now work, buy necessities and also save a stipend.

Annual Leave

Annual leave has now become a working incentive for Australians. Workers now have the option of requesting some days or weeks of leave once a year. It allows them to rest and have some fun with their families before they resume another working year.

Anti-Discrimination Laws

Discrimination happens to be a bit rampant in Australia. Discrimination regarding gender, which is the most common, race, religion, and ethnicity. However, one of the successful objectives of the Labour Party was to eradicate discrimination. There is a step in the right direction now that the government has propagated policies against discrimination.

The Federal Candidates include the following people in no particular order of rank.

Donisha Duff

Donisha Duff is the Federal Candidate for Bowman. She is a passionate advocate for the rights of those without voices. She and to be the voice of her community because she feels their voices are not loud enough. In her service to the people, Donisha focuses on the healthcare sector. She believes that everyone should have access to excellent healthcare facilities irrespective of their financial capacities.

She is a respected community leader who serves as a board member of the Metro South Hospital and Health service. She also dedicates some of her time to volunteering at a non-profit school to equip Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls with life skills.

Matt Burnett

Matt Burnett is the Federal Candidate for Flynn. He has actively contributed to the provision of jobs for the people of Gladstone and Burnett. He has been actively representing his community for years, and he is always looking for the next opportunities that would be beneficial to his community. These opportunities are not limited to manufacturing, healthcare, and education. He is a tenacious and outspoken leader, and the community is indeed lucky to have him.

Shane Hamilton

Shane Hamilton is the Federal Candidate for Dawson. He is also just as active as his counterparts.