The Elected Officials of the Labour Party.


The President of the state council is elected for a three-year political term. Only members with not less than five years of continuous financial branch membership can qualify for this position, and no one can hold the post of President for more than two consecutive tenures. Only candidates with more than two hundred nominations by State Members may also qualify to contest elections.

Vice Presidents

Three Vice Presidents have to be elected for a three-year political term by the Queensland Labour Party rules. The elections are usually conducted based on proportional representation. The minimum number of nominations for Vice Presidential candidates is one hundred, and the election is carried out the year after the President is elected.

State Secretary

The State Secretary is responsible for carrying out administrative duties of the Party daily. The elected state secretary is the chief executive officer for the Party at the state levels. They serve for four years before another election is conducted by an optional preferential ballot. There is also provision for the position of Assistant State Secretary.

The Elected Officials of the Australian Labour Party have been serving the Party actively. It reflects in that there have event changes in policies made regarding working, living, and remuneration conditions. The Elected Officials include the following people in the order of their ranks.

John Battams

John Battams is the Party President who has been an active member of the Australian Labour party for more than four decades. That’s a lot of years of experience. He has witnessed so many changes in policies regarding working conditions. That he is still actively trying to improve them means the battle has only merely begun.

Julie-Ann Campbell

Julie-Ann Campbell was the Vice President of Queensland Labour before becoming the State Secretary for Queensland Labour in 2018. She is an outspoken advocate for the people, and all her years of serving at various levels of the Labour Party have been spent actively serving the people.

Zac Beers

Zac Beers is the Assistant State Secretary. He was elected in 2019. He has been an active member of the Labour Party since he was in high school and has served the people in various capacities. He was elected as a State and National Conference Delegate, and he served the people well when he held those positions. So far, the Australian Labour Party has been able to achieve some of its objectives. For instance, there is now a minimum wage that is still quite reasonable, considering the terrible conditions workers experienced before. Also, there are now incentives for the workers like annual leave, superannuation, beneficial health policies, improved educational systems, and anti-discriminatory laws. However, the Elected Officials know that the battle is far from over. There are still many objectives of the Labour Party that are yet to be met. As long as there is still inequality and discrimination, there is still a battle to be won.