About Queensland Labour.

Queensland Labour Party has been at the forefront of the battle for better treatment, fairness, equality of workers in Queensland. For more than twelve decades, Queensland Labour has struggled to give the workers in Queensland a voice. The Party has looked at working conditions deemed unfavourable and constantly fought to right the wrongs done to workers. It is a purely non-profit organisation that aims to serve and improve both the living and working conditions of Queensland workers.

The unfair conditions coupled with constant struggle and desire to be heard eventually led to the formation of Labour Electoral Leagues. Labour Electoral Leagues was established to be an independent and corruption-free political party.

Its primary aim has been to and will always be to represent the interests of Australian workers. The Party does everything within its power to ensure that workers are well paid, and working conditions become more and more favourable.

The Australian Labour Party is the oldest political party in Australia. It was founded in 1891, and as a result, it has been at the forefront of battles for the fair treatment of Australian workers for decades. The Party has many branches in Australia, one of which is the Queensland Labour Party.

Queensland Labour Party has been actively involved in making the working conditions of Queensland inhabitants as favourable as possible. For example, the Party was highly involved in the Shearers’ Strike of 1891. The shearers’ strike of 1891 resulted from a contract that was presented to the union shearers.

The contract postulated that the government would reduce the power of the union. As a result, the union shearers refused to sign the contract and returned a few days later with terms of their own. The terms were intended to improve the working and living conditions of the union members.

The government rejected the terms, and it led to a strike that lasted for months. It gradually extended to a dispute between the union and non-union shearers, which eventually led to the meeting under the “Tree of Knowledge” in Barcaldine. It was one of the motivating factors for the formation of the Australian Labour Party.

The people realised that to combat a system as rotten as theirs; they needed to become as powerful as possible. Hence the formation of the Australian Labour Party, which now contests strong political posts to acquire enough power to influence the working conditions of its members.

Because of the fight for fairness and equality, there have been significant changes in how labourers are perceived and treated. The constant struggle has eventually led to reforms like a reasonable and fair minimum wage policy, annual leave, policies against discrimination, and improved health and education for Australian workers. Queensland Labour can boast of its involvement in the creation of more than 60,000 jobs. The struggle is, however, still far from over. Some changes have to be made because the priority and constant aim is extremely fair working conditions for Australian workers.