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This website contains current information on the labour party of Queensland, Australia.

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Hierarchy of Leadership in Queensland Labour

The labour party is entirely invested in the welfare of its members, and it has been that way for more than twelve decades. This website provides information about the history of labour in Queensland, the policies of Queensland labour, and the party rules. It also contains information about the hierarchy of leadership in Queensland labour.

Policy Platform

The policy platform contains the policies of Queensland Labour. Since the formation of Queensland Labour, the Party has held on to its core values and beliefs, and this has also served as a motivating factor for the consistent struggle for betterment.

Party Rules

The party rules are the rules that guide admitting new members, running Queensland Labour, the objectives and principles of action of the Party, the officials, finances, and many more factors of note.

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Communities Relentlessly

State Members

The State Members of Queensland Labour Party. This section contains information about the current State Members of the Queensland Labour Party. The names are listed in no particular order of rank. These individuals have served their communities relentlessly.

Federal Members

Some of the active Federal Members of the labour party include the following people in no particular rank order. They have served the Party actively, constantly bringing fresh and innovative ideas to make the party objectives more effective.

Labour Senators

This section provides information about the Labour Senators for the Labour Party. They are all active members who had not failed to deliver on the promises they made to the people before they were elected. Therefore, a lot of people would say they are deserving of their positions.

Hundred Nominations

Elected Officials

The President of the state council is elected for a three-year political term. Only members with a minimum of five years of continuous financial branch membership can qualify for this position, and no one can hold the post of President for more than two consecutive tenures. Only candidates with more than two hundred nominations by State Members may also qualify to contest elections.

Local Councillors

The fight for excellent working, living, and remuneration conditions for the members of the Australian Labour Party is a fight that requires all hands on deck. It also requires many people; no one is insignificant in the battle, which is why there are so many levels and areas of service.

Federal Candidates

All hands are needed on deck to bring about the change the Australian Labour Party was established for. So far, everyone who has served in any capacity in the Labour Party has been able to effect a change, no matter how minute. Some of the achievements of the Labour Party include but are not limited to the following.

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